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A Guide to Security


Security is the state of being safe from external factors that could harm you. It also means the measures that are taken to secure a place. It is a state of being free from worry. Home security is very crucial to ensure your family and property protection.


With the rise of terrorism and crime these days, it is good everyone takes precautions against these attacks. The following are some tips you can use for effective home security:


It is important to regularly hold home meetings so that every member of the house can be sensitized about their security. Members of the household should be reminded to close the door and window locks before going to bed and also before leaving the house to prevent break-ins. The children should be advised not to open the door for strangers. The alarm should always be set before leaving the house so that in case of someone tries to break in the alarm will go off and alert the police.


You should call the police after moving into a new residence to inspect the house. The police will be able to advise you on the changes you need to make to tighten security. Make sure to read more now!


It is a good idea to organize a burglary at your hose. The drill will show how prepared your family is in case of such an event. It will expose the level of preparedness of the home and therefore the drill will help you get new ideas about where to keep your valuables. To know more about security, visit this website at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y5MVYX4Bx8.


You should remove the key that everyone knows you keep under the mat and under the flower garden. Thieves know where most people hide the extra house keys. Instead, you can use a voice identifying locking system or give the key to a trusted neighbor.


The spare keys and keys to the garage should be kept in a drawer. Keeping near a window will lure the burglar to break in and use them to access the locked rooms that have valuables.


You should use signs to scare away burglars. You can use alarm system signs to scare them or a "beware of a dog" sign at the entrance of your compound.


Ensure you have a good lighting system. Put bulbs at the windows and front door. You can also add infrared motion sensors to alert you.


Eliminate bushes in your yard to prevent them from becoming hiding points for thieves who want to monitor your house before they break in. Be sure to click here!